The Babel Journey launched !

Last year I met three interesting guys. Filip, Damien and Timmy. What we share is an interest in innovation and agility. We have different backgrounds and experiences and gathered around the idea of creating something relevant for our soicety. After some ideation (we are Ideators in FourSight) we decided to create a journey for you. 

This is Why...

We want to create impact - on people - organisations - society.

We love to see people getting started, moving forward, even with small things.

We are convinced people share knowledge, learn and grow when coming together, crossing organisational, industry or other boundaries.

The world needs creative ideas to tackle problems that go beyond an individual, a company, a country. The challenging context of today asks for resilience and creativity. Traditional learning will no longer do the job.

We are seasoned professionals in coaching, innovation, and business agility. We bring inspiration and structure.

We are convinced that our babel journey can offer you and your organisation a stunning learning experience, some refreshing and new insights, in creating a safe and open context in which you can experience what it means to work together starting from who you are and what you bring, taking up ownership and response-ability to tackle one of the challenges and contribute to a real solution.

Itʼs not merely learning to learn, its learning to bring impact

The babel journey triggers, individuals, teams and organisations to experience business agility
through socially relevant experiments, in a cross-organisational team. supported by experienced coaches

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You join us in one of ten cross-organisational teams.

During 1 year, each team will work on a socially relevant topic of their choice, supported by experienced coaches. We will assist you in various aspects: interpersonal skills, team communication an collaboration, innovation processes, idea validation, …

The result of this one year collaboration will be defined by your team. It can be an experiment, a prototype, a real product or service, a running business, anything that demonstrates the value of your work.

The babel journey is a real learning journey as you'll experience new ways of collaboration and innovation you can apply yourself at work, at home, …

The journey consists of an opening event with inspiring stories and speakers and a workshop on defining the social relevant topics, 10 coaching days to work on your challenge as a team, and a closing event.
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