FourSight thinking styles is a tool, developed by Gerard Puccio, a well known professor at the New York State University at Buffalo. FourSight measures your preferred thinking style in the innovation process. Based on the creative problem solving process it gives you an idea on what you prefer: clarifying the problem or situation, ideation to find new opportunities and solutions, develop the best solution, or simply act. Preferences show up as strengths, or as potential blind spots.

There is no good or bad preference, but insight in your preference helps you to identify what gives and costs you energy, to leverage style differences with colleagues or potential partners (since you better understand how your preference influences your decisions, your perceptions, your interaction) and short circuit conflict by showing where conflicts may arise because of differences in thinking styles.

I use FourSight for several years now, and each time I’m surprised on how insights based on the questionnaire and the debrief offer “aha! experiences” to participants.

What will FourSight bring you? To accelerate your idea even more, to better understand how you learn and grow, and from whom, how you can turn friction and frustration in complementarity…

In a FourSight workshop typically you will discover your own preference during exercises and reflection, and we will of course also debrief your result on the FourSight questionnaire.

We can also discover each others profile, learn from it, and describe characteristics of people ideally we can team up with, seen from the perspective of complementarity.

You will also be able to experiment with some simple tools, helping you to overcome the pitfalls your preference will bring you to.

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